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We have set out below the terms and conditions which apply to information shown in the pages of www.kamagratablets.com (the website) and to the ordering of any products from the website. For the purpose of these terms and conditions, prescription applications and supply of treatment or medication will be specified as 'orders' or 'purchases'. By placing an order, you agree to accept these terms and conditions.

1. Contacting Us

a) We can be contacted via the Contact Us button that is available on the header. This will raise a ticket and allow us to deal with your query.

2. Website Information

a) We try and ensure that any information we provide on the website is relevant and accurate. We cannot guarantee that the information is wholly correct and give no warranty regarding the information we provide. Any information that we provide is sourced straight from the manufacturers of the products.

b) We do not accept liability for any loss stemming from situations that may result from reliance on the information provided on the website.

3. Description Of Products

a) The description and information of the products listed on the website is approximate and we reserve the right to change this information at any given point, so long as the quality and effectiveness of the product is not affected.

b) We reserve the right to change the price of any of the products on the website without incurring liability. We also reserve the right to withdraw any products on the website without giving any prior warning.

c) None of the products on the website are manufactured by ourselves.

4. Payment

a) The price quoted on the website at the time of the order being processed will be the final price paid. When the price of a product is changed, this will not be relevant for all orders already processed.

b) Payment will be taken from billing details provided by the customer at the time of order. We reserve the right to take payment up to 14 days following the date of order, so long as the customer is notified and they don't consequently state their opposition to their payment being processed within 24 hours.

c) Payment may be taken in GBP, Euros or USD, depending on the method of processing. This should not affect the price, as conversion rates will be factored in.

d) Occasionally a conversion fee is charged by the credit card company for converting currency. Any conversion fees charged by the customer's credit card company are the responsibility of the customer.

5. Delivery and Ordering Of Products

a) We will arrange for the products ordered to be delivered to the delivery address that was provided during the ordering process.

b) If there is an error in the delivery information that you have provided, we are not liable for non-delivery of the order.

c) If there are excessive orders from one customer we reserve the right to decline them.

d) If a customer makes an order within 28 days of vacating the delivery address we are not liable for non-receipt of the order.

e) Please see our Delivery Information page for the list of countries we deliver to.

6. Cancelling Orders

A customer can cancel their order at any point before it is dispatched. An order cannot be cancelled once we have sent it. It may be refunded however (see 8. Refund Policy)

7. General

a) All products on our website are for personal use only and should not be sold on commercially.

b) All promotions on the website are for a limited time only.

c) If incorrect contact details are supplied to us, we cannot be held liable for any issues that could have been resolved with the correct contact details.

8. Refund Policy

Refunds will be accepted under these conditions:
   i. We are notified of the need for a refund within 24 hours of receiving the order.
   ii. The products are supplied back to us with no more than one tablet missing within 7 days of receipt.
   iii. If the products supplied to the customer are a replacement product due to a stock shortage, the customer can return the products and receive a refund with no more than two tablets missing within 7 days of receipt.
   iv. We do not cover the cost of delivering the products back to us.

9. Privacy Policy

a) The website has cookies that are used to remember information regarding the customer's shopping cart. These are necessary for the ordering process. Any personal details that are passed are secure. We ensure that none of the customer's details are passed onto third parties and use 3D Secure and SSL encryption so that any sensitive information is hidden from fraudsters.

b) As most websites do, we collect information when the customer visits the site such as their IP address, ISP, the time of visit and what pages were visited.

10. Disclaimer

a) By browsing the website and its webpages you agree to our terms and conditions.

b) The website and all those connected with it:
   i. are not responsible for any websites you may visit before or after this website. Although we try to ensure that our website is virus free, we cannot guarantee that this is always the case. Customers should always take the utmost care when browsing the internet by having a working anti-virus.
   ii. take no responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided on the website.
   iii. make no guarantee on the effectiveness of the products that are provided on the website.

c) Customers placing an order confirm that they have a diagnosed medical condition that has been discussed with a doctor. They also confirm that they are in a fit state to consume medications provided from this website and that they are not taking any medications that may interfere with the working of the products sold on this site.

d) Customers placing an order confirm that they are over 18 years of age.

e) Customers ordering take full legal responsibility for importing the products into their country of residence.

f) The medication that we provide on this website has been shown to be genuine in pharmaceutical-grade conditions. Our customer feedback is consistently positive regarding the effectiveness of the products. If a particular medication doesn't work, we would recommend a different type from the website, as the nature of medication is that it doesn't work with everyone 100% of the time.

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