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Sildenafil Soft Tablets

Sildenafil Soft Tablets

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What are Sildenafil Soft Tablets used for?

Sildenafil citrate is the same active ingredient in Viagra and clinical studies have shown that it significantly improves the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). This sexual health condition can affect the quality of life for men with ED but fortunately this medication has helped restore sexual confidence to millions of men worldwide. If you order sildenafil soft tablets online you will receive a medication that is easy to use and effective.

When using sildenafil soft tablets UK and EU men should be aware that the active ingredient in this medication was originally developed to treat cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure. However, during clinical trials, researchers found that it was more effective at increasing the likelihood of an erection occurring. After this discovery, the focus of the medication moved from heart health to men's sexual health.

How do Sildenafil Soft Tablets work?

If you order sildenafil soft tablets online you will have a medication that contains 100mg sildenafil citrate which works by increasing blood flow to the male genitals. A healthy supply of blood is essential for normal erectile function as the penis fills with blood during sexual arousal. It improves blood flow by increasing levels of nitric oxide as this naturally occurring chemical works with other enzymes to relax and dilate blood vessels.

What are the Benefits of this Medication?

When you order sildenafil soft tablets online the cost of this medication is a clear benefit as it is a generic version of Viagra. Sometimes people become concerned because generic medications are substantially cheaper than their branded equivalents. Generic medications are only cheaper because the manufacturer did not incur the initial expenses of developing and marketing a new medication. The UK patent for Viagra has expired and this has allowed other manufacturers to produce sildenafil and sell it at a much lower cost.

Sildenafil soft tablets have a unique benefit as they quickly dissolve in the mouth and are fast acting. Many men struggle to swallow hard tablets or they have a throat condition that makes swallowing difficult. The soft tablets can either be chewed or placed under the tongue to dissolve. Once it dissolves, it diffuses through the mucus membranes beneath the tongue and the medication enters the bloodstream faster than a normal tablet.

If you buy sildenafil soft tablets you will have a medication that takes effect within 20 minutes and lasts up to 6 hours. This does not mean that an erection is sustained for this length of time. It simply means that an erection can be achieved during this time frame if sexual stimulation is experienced. This allows plenty of time for spontaneous situations and for the user to get into the mood for sexual activity.

Who should not Buy Sildenafil Soft Tablets?

Men with certain pre-existing health conditions should avoid the use of this medication. Do not take sildenafil if you are currently taking medicines called nitrates as the combination can lead to a sudden unwanted decrease in blood pressure. Avoid the use of this medication if you have a severe heart or liver problem. Patients who have recently had a stroke or heart attack should not take sildenafil either.

Side Effects Associated with Sildenafil Soft Tablets

In general, PDE-5 inhibitors like sildenafil citrate are well tolerated and are only likely to cause mild to moderate side effects in a small percentage of men. Headache is the most common side effect associated with sildenafil and it affects about 15 percent of men. This can be prevented by keeping well hydrated or taking a painkiller to treat a headache. When you order sildenafil soft tablets UK and EU men should be aware that it may cause indigestion in about 10 percent of users. Drinking water instead of caffeinated beverages or juice can help prevent this.

How to use Cheap Sildenafil Soft Tablets

  • These soft tablets can be chewed or placed under the tongue where they dissolve.
  • When you buy sildenafil soft tablets take one tablet 20 to 30 minutes before planned sexual activity.
  • The effects last up to 6 hours.
  • This medication restores erectile function and works in response to sexual stimulation.
  • Alcohol should be avoided or kept to a minimal amount as it can it can interfere with how the medication works and cause unwanted effects.

Is it Safe to Buy Sildenafil Soft Tablets Online in the UK?

Our website brings you a convenient and safe way for you to order medication online. All you have to do is place your order, complete the digital order form and enjoy fast and discreet delivery to anywhere in the UK and other parts of Europe. So if you want to buy sildenafil soft tablets today, we are the leading online supplier of affordable, high-quality medication used to treat erectile dysfunction. When purchasing sildenafil soft tablets UK and EU men can contact us 24/7 for further assistance or to confirm your order.