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Kamagra Soft Tablets

Kamagra Soft Tablets

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What are Kamagra Soft Tablets?

Kamagra chewable tablets contain 100mg sildenafil citrate which is the most well known treatment for erectile dysfunction. It is the same active ingredient in Viagra and these soft tablets are easy to swallow and fast acting. This medication has successfully restored sexual confidence to millions of men worldwide. It is now conveniently available online at cost-effective prices.

The patent for Viagra expired on 21 June 2013. This has allowed other pharmaceutical companies to manufacture and sell the revolutionary ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil citrate, under other names. Due to strict regulations in the industry, generic medications are required to provide the exact same pharmacological effects as the original branded versions. The main contrast is the price. Generic manufacturers did not incur initial development costs for scientific research, so they can afford to sell generic medications at a much lower cost.

How Kamagra Soft Tablets work

This medication helps the user get and maintain an erection by causing more blood to flow into the penis during sexual stimulation. An enzyme that gets released during sexual arousal is called cGMP. This enzyme causes blood vessels in the penis to relax and expand which allows more blood to flow into it. This is what gives it the rigidity that is needed for sexual intercourse. Sildenafil citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor that allows more cGMP to accumulate.

Are Cheap Generic Viagra Tablets as good as Viagra?

If you order Kamagra soft tablets online you will choose a medication that enhances the effects of nitric oxide (NO) by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5. When an erection happens, NO is released in the corpus cavernosum which is a rounded column of erectile tissue that forms the penis. As a result, smooth muscle tissue relaxes and blood flow improves. A healthy supply of blood in the penis is necessary for normal erectile function as this is what gives it the rigidity needed for sexual intercourse.

Benefits of using Kamagra Chewable Tablets

Ajanta Pharma developed Kamagra soft tablets for men who have a health condition that makes it difficult to swallow and for those who simply do not enjoy swallowing tablets. They come in various flavours and they can be chewed or dissolved under the tongue. This medication diffuses directly into the bloodstream through the membrane under the tongue. For this reason, the effects can be felt within as little as 15 to 30 minutes - if not less.

Once the medication starts working, the duration of action is 4 to 6 hours allowing the user plenty of time for spontaneous sexual engagements. When you buy Kamagra soft tablets it is important to understand that this does not mean a constant erection will be sustained for this length of time. Instead it simply means that erectile function is restored during this time frame so - as with any healthy person - there will need to be sexual stimulation to achieve an erection.

Since its release in 1998, sildenafil has successfully treated more men with ED than any other medication. Clinical studies conducted since the nineties have continuously revealed that this medication is highly effective. When buying Kamagra soft tablets UK and EU men may be reassured to know that more than 4 out of 5 men who use it experience positive erection results that are suitable for sexual activity. This fact alone is often enough to provide motivation for men to try sildenafil.

Usage and Dosage Instructions

  • If you buy Kamagra soft tablets place one tablet beneath your tongue 20 to 30 minutes before you intend to have sex.
  • The effects last for 4 to 6 hours and during this time you should be able to achieve an erection in response to sexual stimulation.
  • If you order Kamagra soft tablets online do not exceed one tablet in 24 hours as this can lead to unwanted side effects.

When should Kamagra Soft Tablets not be used?

Do not take this medication if you are currently taking medicines known as nitrates, as the combination can lead to a significant decrease in blood pressure. Avoid this medication if you have a severe heart or liver complication. Do not take this medication if you have low blood pressure (lower than 90/50 mmHg). Avoid the use of this medication if you have recently had a stroke or a heart attack as well.

Does this Medication have Side Effects?

Kamagra chewable tablets are generally well tolerated and only likely to provoke side effects in a very small percentage of users. Headache affects about 15 percent of people and it can be prevented by drinking water and keeping well hydrated. Indigestion, nausea and facial flushing affect up to 10 percent of people. Less common side effects that may affect up to 1 percent of men include ringing in the ears, dry mouth and muscle pain. Read the product leaflet for more information about side effects and contraindications if necessary.

Are Kamagra Soft Tablets UK Suppliers Available?

We are the leading supplier of Kamagra soft tablets online in the UK and Europe. We make sure our customers always receive high-quality approved medication for their specific requirements. Our online pharmacy makes it safe and convenient to buy Kamagra soft tablets and our prices are much more affordable than a physically based pharmacy. Discounts are available when purchased in larger quantities and customer support is available on live chat, day or night, to answer any questions you may have.