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Kamagra Jelly

Kamagra Jelly

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What is Kamagra Oral Jelly?

This liquid form of Kamagra is a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) as it is fast-acting and easy to swallow. These sachets contain 100mg sildenafil citrate which is the same active ingredient in Viagra. This medication is widely accepted as a more affordable substitute for Viagra and it offers the same effective results. Kamagra jellies get metabolised quickly in the body so the effects can be felt faster than a tablet that is in a solid form.

Studies have shown that only 25% of men with ED seek treatment. One of the reasons for this is that the cost of Viagra has been too high in the past. Pfizer no longer holds the patent to exclusively manufacture sildenafil citrate ED treatment tablets and this has paved the way for other pharmaceutical companies to market generic versions. Fortunately, Ajanta Pharma has developed this reliable and accessible generic equivalent to effectively treat the symptoms of ED.

How do Kamagra Jellies work?

If you buy Kamagra jelly you will have a medication that works by boosting levels of a naturally occurring chemical in the body called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to relax and expand and this improves blood flow to the penis. A healthy supply of blood to the male organ is crucial for normal erectile function. During sexual arousal, the penis fills with blood and this is what gives it the rigidity that is needed for sex.

Who can benefit by using Cheap Kamagra Jelly 100mg?

If you buy Kamagra jellies you will have a medication that is often preferred by men who require a fast onset of effects. This also makes them ideal for spontaneous situations as it can take as little as 10 minutes to start feeling the effects. These jellies are available in several different flavours and because they are in a liquid form, men who find it difficult to swallow hard tablets often prefer them.

Another benefit of this medication is the high level of efficacy. The active ingredient in Kamagra oral jelly remains a popular choice for men experiencing erectile difficulties. Clinical trials have shown that more than 80 percent of men experience positive erection results that are suitable for sexual activity, with the use of this jelly. Recent studies have revealed that sildenafil citrate is the most effective treatment for ED.

The duration that this medication is effective for allows the user to have sufficient time for spontaneous circumstances. If you order Kamagra jelly online it is important to understand that this does not mean that you will have a constant erection while it is effective in the body. Instead it simply means that an erection can be achieved in response to sexual stimulation during the 4 to 6 hours that it is effective in the body.

Who should not Buy Kamagra Jellies?

People with certain pre-existing health conditions should avoid this medication. Do not take this medication if you:

  • have a severe heart or liver problem
  • have low blood pressure
  • have recently had a stroke or heart attack
  • suffer from certain rare inherited eye diseases including retinitis pigmentosa

Side Effects of Kamagra Jellies

Some of the common side effects of Kamagra oral jelly include headache, nausea and indigestion. Common side effects affect about 1 in 10 users and they are generally considered mild and tend to pass quickly. If you buy Kamagra jelly it is helpful to know that keeping well hydrated by drinking enough water can help treat and prevent headaches. This medication should not be taken on a full stomach; however, taking it with a light meal can help prevent nausea.

Usage Instructions when you order Kamagra Jelly Online

  • Take one jelly 15 to 30 minutes before anticipated sexual activity.
  • If you buy Kamagra jellies do not take more than one sachet in 24 hours.
  • This medication is not an aphrodisiac so you will need to be sexually stimulated to achieve an erection.
  • You may find this medication takes longer to work if you take it with a large meal.
  • You can expect the effects to last up to 6 hours.

Is it Safe to use Kamagra Jelly UK ED Medication?

Considered a safe medication with few side effects, Kamagra jelly is suitable for men of most ages. Clinical trials have shown that sildenafil citrate is a well-tolerated treatment for men with ED. However, there are certain medications that can interact with sildenafil citrate so it is important to be aware of potential interactions.

Kamagra oral jelly must not be taken with any form of nitrate medication as the combination can lead to a plunge in blood pressure. Nitrate medications include nitric oxide donors such as amyl nitrite which is also known as "poppers." If you buy Kamagra jelly other medications that contain nitrates include glyceryl trinitrate, isosorbide dinitrate and isosorbide mononitrate which should not be taken at the same time.