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  • Mar 27, 2019
  • Dr. Eliza Irwin

Sexual dysfunction is common among both men and women. It can occur for a variety of reasons, such as medical conditions, psychological problems, and certain lifestyle factors.

Women can experience issues with sexual arousal, such as a decline in libido or difficulty becoming lubricated. They can also experience certain physiological symptoms such as vaginismus, a condition involving a tightening of the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening which can make sex extremely painful or impossible. In addition, they can experience anorgasmia- the inability to reach orgasm.

Similarly, men can experience issues with sexual arousal and a dip in sex drive.

They can also have issues with achieving and maintaining an erection (known as erectile dysfunction) and may experience problems surrounding ejaculation wherein it can either occur too soon during sexual activity (premature ejaculation) or take too long (delayed ejaculation). Some men also have anorgasmia.

For men with ED, a highly effective treatment is available in the form of sildenafil tablets. Find out more about this medication below.

What are Sildenafil Tablets?

In 1996, a group of chemists employed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer were working on a treatment for hypertension. They synthesised what is today known as sildenafil citrate, but realised during testing that while it was relatively ineffective as a treatment for hypertension, it was highly effective in producing erections, even in the men who had erectile dysfunction.

It was thus repurposed as a sexual dysfunction treatment and hit markets in 1998 upon approval by the Food and Drug Administration. Sildenafil 100 mg tablets were branded under the tradename Viagra and promptly made pharmaceutical history as one of the top-selling treatments of all time.

Affordable generic sildenafil 100 mg tablets are available online from certain pharmacies. This is a popular alternative for many men who find obtaining Viagra in-store to be expensive and a hassle.

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Author: Dr. Eliza Irwin

About Dr. Eliza Irwin

Dr. Irwin studied at the Berkeley Institute of Learning, graduating with honours in clinical psychology. She later went on to complete her doctorate, specialising in sexual dysfunction. Her research on the psychological basis of male sexual dysfunction has become seminal within the field of sex therapy and she remains highly regarded within the medical community. Today, she is a practicing sex therapist and has helped dozens of patients along the road to sexual healing and empowerment. Dr. Irwin’s central message to anyone battling sexual dysfunction is that you are complete and worthy of love and that reaching out for support is crucial to healing.