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  • By: Dr. Eliza Irwin
  • Oct 29, 2019

Impotence in men can be caused by a variety of different things. Firstly, it can occur as a result of underlying medical conditions. This cause particularly tends to impact older men, as they are prone to developing the exact kinds of conditions responsible for erectile dysfunction(ED), including problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

If you believe you are experiencing impotence due to a medical condition, the best course of action is to seek treatment from a doctor. In the short-term, you can successfully treat the symptoms of ED using medication like Kamagra.

Another common cause of impotence is underlying psychological factors. This includes issues like depression and anxiety. Depression may cause impotence due to its adverse impact on a man’s libido. On the other hand, while anxiety may not necessarily impact a man’s sex drive, it may make it incredibly difficult to relax enough to simply enjoy sex in the moment.

Fortunately, psychologically-induced impotence can also be successfully treated with Kamagra.It is recommended, however, that any man battling with psychological issues surrounding sex, be it shame or trauma or mental illness, seek psychological support in addition to pharmaceutical treatment through therapy.

About Cheap Kamagra

Kamagra is a generic alternative to the top-quality brand name medication, Viagra. While Viagra remains one of the most popular and successful impotence treatments to date, it is unfortunately incredibly expensive to purchase. As a result, cheap Kamagra was created as a solution to the problem of unaffordable pharmaceutical treatments for impotence.

It contains the exact same active ingredient as its brand name counterpart. This ingredient is known as sildenafil citrate and it works in the following way:

Men with impotence struggle to become erect as a result of their bodies over-producing an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase monophosphate (PDE-5). PDE-5 causes ED by breaking down another enzyme known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP is critical to the production of a healthy erection as it helps blood to flow through to the penis during arousal.

Sildenafil citrate works by decreasing the activity of PDE-5 in the body. This enables cGMP to perform its vital function unimpeded.

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